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1-Diastereoselective synthesis of bis(α-aminophosphonates) by lipase catalytic promiscuity. 

R. Aissa, S. Guezane Lakoud, E. Kolodziej, M. Toffano, L. Aribi-Zouioueche. New J. Chem. 2019, 43, 8153-8159. Facteur d’impact: 3.086; 

Graphical abstract: Diastereoselective synthesis of bis(α-aminophosphonates) by lipase catalytic promiscuity

2- Synthesis and evaluation of hemisalen type ligands based on chiral diamine and their use with ruthenium (II) as water-soluble catalysts for the ATH of aromatic ketones

M. BOUKACHABIA,  L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE, O. RIANT. Comptes Rendus Chimie2018, 868, 95-101.  Facteur d’impact: 2.066; Cité 1 fois

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3-  Efficient access to both enantiomers of 3-(1-hydroxyethyl) phenol by regioselective and enantioselective CAL-B catalyzed hydrolysis of diacetate in organic media by sodium carbonate.

N. Braia, M. Merabet‐Khelassi, Louisa Aribi‐Zouioueche. Chirality, 2018, 30(12), 1312–1320.Facteur d’impact: 1.927Cité 2 fois 

4- Preparation of chiral phenylethanolusing various vegetables grown in Algeria. 

M. Bennamane, S. Razi, S. Zeror, L. Aribi-Zouioueche. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, 201814, 52-56.Facteur d’impact: 0.862; Cité 1 fois  


5- Promiscuous lipase catalyzed a new P–C bond formation: Green and efficient protocol for one-pot synthesis of α-amino phosphonates.

S. Guezane Lakoud, M. Toffano, L. Aribi-Zouioueche. Heteroatom Chemistry. 2017, 28, 6, 21408. Facteur d’impact: 1.137; Cité 1 fois 


6- Diastereoselective and enantioselective alkaline-hydrolysis of 2-aryl-1-cyclohexyl acetate: a CAL-B catalyzed deacylation/acylation tandem process.

F-Z. Belkacemi, M. Merabet-Khelassi, L. Aribi-Zouioueche, O. Riant. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry2017,28(11),1253-1259. Facteur d’impact: 2.155; Cité 1 fois 

7- CAL-B-Catalyzed deacylation of benzylic acetates: Effect of amines addition. Comparison of several approaches.

 M. Merabet-Khelassi,A. Zaïdi, L. Aribi-Zouioueche. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 2017,107, 1-6. Facteur d’impact: 2.287; Cité 2 fois 

8- Synthesis of 1, 2-disubstituted aminoarylferrocene as direct route to enantioenriched 2-hydroxymethyl-1-phenylferrocene via enzymatic kinetic resolution. 

M. Merabet-Khelassi,L. Aribi-Zouioueche, O. Riant. Research on Chemical Intermediates, 2017, 43 (10), 5293–5303. Facteur d’impact: 1.221Cité 1 fois

9- The effect of the migrating group structure on enantioselectivity in lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of 1-phenylethanol.

N MELAIS, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE, O. RIANT. Comptes Rendus Chimie2016, 19, 971-977.  Facteur d’impact: 2.366; Cité 5 fois

10- Easy kinetic resolution of some β-amino alcohols by Candida antarctica lipase B catalyzed hydrolysis in organic media

A Allala, M. Merabet-Khelassi, L. Aribi-Zouioueche, O. Riant. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2016, 27(24), 1253-1259. Facteur d’impact: 2.155; Cité 8 fois 

11- NiSO4·6H2O as a new, efficient, and reusable catalyst for the α-aminophosphonates synthesis under mild and eco-friendly conditions

S. GUEZANE-LAKOUD, M .MERABET-KHELASSI, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE. Research on Chemical Intermediates Facteur d’impact: 1.221; Cité 5 fois

12-  CAL-B-Catalyzed Enantioselective Deacetylation of Some Benzylic Acetate Derivatives via Alcoholysis in Non-aqueous Media

A. ZAÏDI, M. MERABET-KHELASSI, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE. Catalysis Letters. 2015, 145 (4), 1054-1061. Facteur d’impact: 2.307Cité 13 fois

13- Easy preparation of enantiomerically enriched heteroaromatic alcohols through lipase-catalyzed acylation with succinic anhydride under unconventional activation

N MELAIS, M. BOUKACHABIA, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE, O. RIANT. Bioprocess and biosystems engineering, 2015, 38, 1579-1588.  Facteur d’impact: 1.901Cité 4 fois

14-Asymmetric Reduction of Ketones by Biocatalysis Using Clementine Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) Fruit Grown in Annaba or by Ruthenium Catalysis for Access to Both Enantiomers.

M. BENNAMANE, S. ZEROR, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE. Chirality, 2015,  27 (3), 205-210. Facteur d’impact: 1.927Cité 12 fois

15- Enantiocomplementary preparation of (S)-and (R)-Arylalkylcarbinols by Lipase-Catalysed Resolution and Mitsunobu Inversion: Impact of Lipase Amount.

N. BOUZEMI, I. GRIB, Z. HOUIENE, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE, Catalysts, 2014, 4 (3), 215-225. Facteur d’impact: 3.082; Cité 10 fois

16- Asymmetric reduction of ketones by biocatalysis using medlar (Mespilus germanica L) fruit grown in Algeria.

M. BENNAMANE, S. ZEROR, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE.  Biocatalysis and Biotransformation, 2014, 32 (5-6), 327-332. Facteur d’impact: 0.309; Cité 6 fois

17- Green Synthesis of Benzamides in Solvent-and Activation-Free Conditions.

A. ALALLA, M. MERABET-KHELASSI, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE,O. RIANT. Synthetic Communications, 2014, 44, 2364-2376. Facteur d’impact: 0.929; Cité 5 fois

18- Screening of a library of hemisalen ligands in asymmetric H-transfer: Reduction of aromatic ketones in water.

M. BOUKACHABIA, N. VRIAMONT, D. LAMBIN, O. RIANT, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE. Comptes Rendus Chimie, 2014, 17, 403-412.  Facteur d’impact: 2.366; Cité 3 fois

19- A green way to enantioenriched (S)-arylalkyl carbinols by deracemization via combined lipase alkaline-hydrolysis /Mitsunobu esterification. 

Z. Houiene, M. Merabet-Khelassi, N. Bouzemi, L. Aribi-Zouioueche, O. Riant. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2013, 24, 290-296. Facteur d’impact: 2.155; Cité 16 fois  

20- Green methodology for enzymatic hydrolysis of acetates in non-aqueous media via carbonate salts.

M. Merabet-Khelassi, Z. Houiene, L. Aribi-Zouioueche, O. Riant. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2012, 23, 828-833. Facteur d’impact: 2.155; Cité 25 fois 


21- Racemization of Secondary Alcohols Catalyzed by Ruthenium: Application to Chemoenzymatic Dynamic Resolution. 

M. Merabet-Khelassi, N. Vriamont,L. Aribi-Zouioueche, O. Riant. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2011, 22, 1790-1796. Facteur d’impact: 2.155; Cité 19 fois  

22- Effect of the amount of lipase on enantioselectivity in the kinetic resolution by enzymatic acylation of arylalkylcarbinols.

M. MERABET-KHELASSI, N. BOUZEMI, J-C. FIAUD, O. RIANT, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE. Comptes Rendus Chimie, 14, 2011, 978-986. Facteur d’impact: 2.366; Cité 1 fois

23- Screening method for the evaluation of asymmetric catalysts for the reduction of aliphatic ketones 

M. BoukachabiaS. Zeror, J. CollinJ-C. Fiaud, L. Aribi-ZouiouecheTetrahedron Lett, 13, 2011, 1485-1489. Facteur d’impact: 2.193; Cité 25 fois 

24- Multi-substrate screening for lipase-catalysed resolution of arylalkylethanols with succinic anhydrides as acylating agent.

H. DEBBECHE, M. TOFFANO, J.-C. FIAUD, L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 66, 2010, 319-324. Facteur d’impact: 3.615; Cité 11 fois  

25- Enantioselective ketoester reductions in water: a comparison between microorganisme- and ruthenium-catalysed reactions.

S. ZEROR,J. COLLIN, J-C. FIAUD,L. ARIBI-ZOUIOUECHE. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry. 21, 2010, 1211-1215. Facteur d’impact: 2.155; Cité 28 fois 


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